Food Pantry

Cross Bars opened its food pantry in April 2010 from the suggestion of one volunteer and one box (no exaggeration, one box) of cheeseburger helper and a couple of other box meals (seriously, less than one plastic bag of food). People from the neighborhood joined in by giving food to help people in the area with food insecurities. We joined the Food Bank of Northern Indiana in May 2010 for an efficient way of stocking our shelves. In May of 2010, Cross Bars Ministries' food pantry reported serving 43 families. In June of 2012, Cross Bars served 255 families totalling 852 families members. Since January 2012, we have distributed over 16,000 lbs of food received from the Food Bank of Northern Indiana, USDA Emergency Food Assistance Program, People Gotta Eat (United Way of St. Joseph County), Feed the Children,  church, corporate and private donations. The number of families that have been served by Cross Bars Food Pantry has increased 500% since its beginning. The Food Pantry is a wonderful way to serve people with food insecurities and impact our community for a better quality of life.

For the Numbers are the numbers of people served so far in 2012:

 January 2012: 240 families = 804 household family members

February 2012: 206 families=671 household family members

March 2012: 316 families=1047 household members

April 2012: 247 families = 774 household members

May 2012: 255 families=852 household members

June 2012: 255 families=840 household members

The number of families who struggle with food insecurities and use of our food pantry demonstrates that in spite of reports that the recession is easing, there are still many needy families within the reach of Cross Bars Ministries.

If you can, please help Cross Bars carry on the task of helping people with food insecurities within the Mishawaka community.  Donations of any type, size or amount are always needed and welcomed. Remember, our food pantry started with "one" box of cheeseburger helper and a bag of miscellaneous cans and boxes. Your donations (food or financial) make a significant difference.

Suggestions: You or your organization can host a food drive, drop off food items at the Ministry (1102 Union St. Mishawaka, IN 46544), arrange for a pickup of food items at your location or drop a check in the mail.

This really is still America. 85% of all the wealth of all the Christian's in all of the world is held by people living within the United States. Why are so many people within the United States (the greatest country on earth) still going hungry and suffering with food insecurities? Not sure. But I am sure you can help! Let's tackle hunger together. Thanks!!